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Soft4Boost Disk Cleaner 7.8

It is an app designed to remove obsolete, harmful or unused items from your PC
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There are lots of applications aimed to help optimize system performance by eliminating unnecessary and corrupt data. Soft4Boost Disk Cleaner is one of them.
This program’s interface is very simple and intuitive. When you open it, there is a list of categories for you to choose from. From there, you can see that the program is able to find temporary Internet files, unused empty folders, junk files, broken shortcuts and data in the Recycle Bin. Once the desired categories have been selected, you can proceed to scan your system, an action that the program can perform quite fast. After this, you are presented with the list of errors found in each category. Although you can proceed to clean them all at once, you can also see the details to select only those problem items you wish to eliminate.
In addition to fixing general system errors, you can also use a duplicate finder. This tool can help you save disk space by finding files that are repeated on your system. It allows you to select a location, including a whole drive or just a folder. It was difficult for me to browse for the intended folder because the small browse panel does not have a vertical scroll bar, so I had to use the down arrow key instead. Once the location is selected, you can start scanning. Unluckily, when the results appear, you should manually select the duplicates you want to erase as there is no automatic option for that.
As in most free applications and some other paid ones, it was suggested to install new toolbars to my browser. So, if you hate your browser being filled with these too similar bars, you had better be alert while installing to deselect the corresponding option.
In general, Soft4Boost Disk Cleaner has the main advantage of being free and doing its job right. Definitely, it does not have as many features as some applications of the same kind, but it is light. To conclude, I must advise you that there are more renowned similar applications out there, but this program is definitely worth trying .

Pedro Castro
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  • It is very easy to use
  • It is free
  • It is light


  • It does not have as many features as other similar applications
  • Duplicates need to be selected manually
  • It is hard to find a folder to scan for duplicates
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